Good Execution of a Three-Two Opening Throw

There are fifteen possible opening throws in backgammon. One of them is the three-two opening throw. There are a number of checker moves with this combination, but which is the best move of all?

There's hardly anyone who would opt to move a checker from their six-point or eight-point. The pip counts are so low that advancing checkers further into the inner board isn't sensible. If your opponent has a propensity to hit blots, you'll be sure that this move rolls out the welcoming mat saying "hit my blot". You'll be turning your home board checker into a viable target. Moving your checkers from the six-point or eight-point is not recommended.

Since advancing to home board points with a three-two opening isn't a reasonable option. There are two good executions with this combination. The first choice is splitting a checker from the 24-point and placing a builder on the 11-point. The second alternative is taking two pieces from the 13-point and advancing them to the 11- and ten-points consecutively.

The design behind the first choice is running a checker from the 24-point to the 21-point to lower the pip count from the get-go. Also, it's the beginning of an advanced anchor or holding point in your opponent's inner board. An advanced anchor is at least two of your pieces on any of the opponent's three- to five-points. This is a normal defensive move to keep the other player from bearing in safe and sound The two pip moves are taken by one checker from the 13-point to the 11-point in your outer board. This single checker is less likely to be hit since it is ten pips away from the opposing checkers in your home board.

The second choice where two checkers are each taken from the 13-point to the 11-point and ten-point, is a move that plays on the offensive or on the attack. As opposed to the first option, the intention here is to keep the opposing checkers in your inner board from advancing or running away.

Now, which is the better of the two? That depends on your opponent's style. If you're likely to win with a defensive plan, pick the first option. Otherwise, if you're leaning towards the offensive, choose the second option. These two are good executions of the backgammon three-two opening throw. And if done properly, you'll be able to carry out your decided game plan throughout the game without a hitch.

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