Backgammon Match Play Rules - Getting a chance to participate in backgammon tournaments is a great privilege. You have a chance to experience how to play backgammon in match play style. You get a chance to test your current backgammon skills in match play and learn new tricks from other players.

Backgammon Plays for the Five-One Opening Roll - We'll have a look at the favorite plays for the five-one opening roll in backgammon. We'll discuss three different ways to move this opening roll and present the good and bad side of each play.

Backgammon in Shahr-e Sukhteh, Iran - It is important that people know the history of backgammon because it affects the present trend in the game. Hence, there are evidences discovered which showed that backgammon have originated in Mesopotamia. But in December 2004, a group of archaeologists debunked the belief by unearthing proofs that backgammon started in Iran.

Good Execution of a Three-Two Opening Throw - There are a several checker moves with a three-two opening throw. But there are only two good executions given this combination. See which choice promotes a defensive plan and which alternative puts you on the offensive mode towards backgammon victory.

How to Play the Priming Game - The priming game is one of the basic strategies in playing backgammon. Understanding how this strategy works gives you a better chance at countering and executing it perfectly.

Play Online Backgammon Fast and Efficiently - Online Backgammon is a growing community of players that make use of the online services where you can play Backgammon with or without betting money. You just have to protect yourself from hackers and malware by using only trustworthy sites.

Pointers for Basic Backgammon Strategies - Basic backgammon strategies are important to win in the game. We have to have good hitting adn priming moves right at the start plus creating more points in our home board. We have to focus our basic backgammon strategies in these areas, among others.

Speaking the Language of Backgammon - Bear off is the act of removing all checkers from the home board. A hit is an attack made on the blot of an opponent.

The Best Move with a Three-One Opening - The backgammon opening roll usually dictates how your game strategy will go. If you've wondered what the best move with a three-one opening roll is, it's creating an anchor on your five-point. See why you should carry out this strategy as well as discover the importance making this point so early in the game.

The Second Volume of Robertie's "Advanced Backgammon" Book - 'Advanced Backgammon: Vol. 2: Technical Play' is the second volume of backgammon professional and author Bill Robertie's book 'Advanced Backgammon.' More than a hundred game sets are featured in this backgammon book, which readers will find interesting and helpful.

Understanding the Rules of Tavli Variants - Tavli is one of the many variations of backgammon. It is a Greek variant that derived its name from the word 'board'. There are three popular Tavli variations namely Portes, Plakoto, and Fevga.

What to Do If You're Not Playing the Opening Roll - Replying to the opening roll is a tougher job than making opening moves in backgammon. However, there are more strategic options when making replies. Players should first learn backgammon openings before learning the replies.

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