Pointers for Basic Backgammon Strategies

At a glance, backgammon is basically being able to take off all our checkers first before the opponent does. But in actual play, we need to iron out some details of our basic backgammon strategies to have a winning edge. Here are some pointers.

First is that we should evenly distribute our checkers on the points we have occupied in the beginning. This initial step is important for effective basic backgammon strategies. We pay attention especially on how it is often better to have 3 checkers on a point and as much as possible not have with 6 checkers on the same point. This gives us more flexible basic backgammon strategies to work with.

Another pointer is not to hesitate to leave shots even at the start of the game. The priority is to establish strong defense and offense, and at times we have to move from earlier shots to protect ourselves from the enemy's more formidable home board. Remember that among basic backgammon strategies is that the more points the opponent has established in the opposite home board the harder for us to re-enter once we get hit.

Hence, we should be able to control more points found in the opponent's home board (or anchors) the more aggressive we can have our basic backgammon strategies. Make sure that our blots, or the number of single checker on a point, are limited to a maximum of 4, even if the enemy board seems weak. We should take care to have our exposure to a minimum to preserve our lead if we are ahead in the game.

Another important pointer among basic backgammon strategies is to establish points without breaks in-between right before the checkers of the opponent in our home board. This is to trap them and prevent their escape. To set up such blockade we have to establish early in the game points 5, 4, and 7. It would be wise to have a prime, or six consecutive points, as a blockade to hinder the escape of the enemy. This is one of the best basic backgammon strategies.

Finally, another good pointer for our basic backgammon strategies is to hit checkers that have gained the most points nearer the enemy home board. This frustrates or stalls the enemy's plan to cover and establish as many points as possible.

Basic backgammon strategies are important especially where hitting, priming, and making points are concerned. With a well planned play bearing off our checkers first would be more likely.