Speaking the Language of Backgammon

Aside from learning the rules of playing backgammon, one of the first things that a newcomer to the game should do is to understand the language of backgammon. Learning the basic jargon used in backgammon is vital to ensuring a worthwhile backgammon experience. Backgammon terms can create some confusion and there are several that a newbie must learn. Here are some of the most common backgammon terms that you need to understand.

Anchor. This is a term that refers to two or more checkers that occupies any point in the inner board of your opponent.

Joker. This is used to denote a lucky roll which can turn the outcome to favor a player.

Pip Count. This is a term used to denote the points needed by the player to be able to bear off. At the onset of the game, the initial pip count is 167 points.

Point. In backgammon, this term refers to the number of triangles representing a space. There are twenty four points in the entire layout of backgammon. Likewise, this can be used to represent the number of wins or points in a game. In backgammon, a victory in a single game is equivalent to a point. Gammon is worth 2 points while backgammon is equivalent to 3 points.

Single Game. This is a game won by removing all the chips from the board, when the opponent is about to bear off likewise.

Gammon. This is a victory when the player has successfully removed all of their chips when the other player has not started bearing off yet.

Backgammon. A player wins by backgammon when they bore off all their chips when their opponent has not started bearing off yet and has a blot.

Bear off. This is the action of clearing backgammon chips from the board.

Blot. This is a term used to refer to a lone backgammon chip prone to possible attacks by the other player.

Hit. An attack made on the blot of the opponent. The blot is then placed on the bar located at the middle of the board.

Hit and Cover. This is the action of not only attacking your opponent's blot but also keeping the similar chip moving to be able to secure the blot that is prone to attacks from your opponent.

These are just some of the most commonly spoken language backgammon. There are other terms that you need to understand as well before you are able to think and act like a backgammon expert.

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