The Best Move with a Three-One Opening

Most backgammon strategies would suggest setting up a blockade or running your checkers at the opening roll. The importance of this initial move is highly regarded in strategy execution. And over time, backgammon experts have studied and put forward the most advantageous checker moves with all fifteen probable rolls at the start of the game (since there could only be fifteen). The opening move that we'll go into is the three-one roll at the cast of the dice. So, how would one go about with a three-one opening?

This move would touch upon the strategy of setting up a blockade so early in the game. So, the best checker moves are a checker from your eight-point moving three pips and a checker from your six-point advancing one pip. This way you've created an anchor on your five-point which is your most important point. And you'll be on your way to building a blockade and hopefully a prime on your home or inner board.

The five-point in your inner board is the best point to anchor. From owning this point, you've gained more than one advantage in the game. For one, an anchor in your inner board gives your opponent less opportunity to re-enter from the bar. Without a doubt, barring the opponent's checkers is more profitable for as long as you can keep them immobile. And it's been proven that making the five-point will last you till the bear-off so it's one less thing to worry about in the course of your play.

Second, you're on your way to building a prime. The best blockade is a full prime when you've anchored six consecutive checkers to keep your competitor's pieces from advancing. It's most valuable on your inner board or even halfway from your outer board to inner board, at least.

Third, don't underestimate the fact that there are two of your opponent's checkers on your one-point at the backgammon starting positions. Anchoring the five-point will lessen these checkers' chances of running away.

The best move with a three-one opening roll is creating an anchor on your five-point. That's executed by advancing one checker each from the eight-point and six-point consecutively. This move sets up a blocking strategy and makes you an invaluable inner or home board point. Anchoring your five-point is highly advantageous to you as it is a pain when your opponent takes it away. So it's your obligation to keep it safe early on in the game.