The Second Volume of Robertie's "Advanced Backgammon" Book

In 1984, two-time backgammon champion and gambling author Bill Robertie released his backgammon book "Advanced Backgammon." Many years later, Bill Robertie has decided to release a new version of this backgammon book, deciding to come up with two volumes of such book in 1991 in order to be more of help to professional players of the game of backgammon. The first volume of this backgammon book is titled "Advanced Backgammon: Vol. 1: Positional Play," while the second volume of this backgammon book, which is the focus of our discussion today, is titled "Advanced Backgammon: Vol. 2: Technical Play."

"Advanced Backgammon: Vol. 2: Technical Play" has two hundred seventy pages. Apparently, it is important for backgammon players to read volume one first before reading volume two. But before reading volume one, backgammon players need to read the two backgammon books written by author Bill Robertie prior to the publication of these two volumes. Those two backgammon books that we are pertaining to are "Backgammon for Serious Players" and "Backgammon for Winners." After reading all these backgammon books, we guarantee readers that they will have what it take to become better players of professional backgammon.

Some of the topics that form part of "Advanced Backgammon: Vol. 2: Technical Play" are bearoffs, races, end games, high anchors, and low anchors. "Advanced Backgammon: Vol. 2: Technical Play" does not tell readers about the secret methods that are being used by Bill Robertie as a professional backgammon player. It does not even tell readers short cuts that will enhance the backgammon skills of players. More than anything else, "Advanced Backgammon: Vol. 2: Technical Play" informs readers of good backgammon moves that are significant in making them better players of professional backgammon.

"Advanced Backgammon: Vol. 2: Technical Play" has long been recognized as one of the classic books about backgammon. In this backgammon book, author Bill Robertie discusses in an explicit manner the backgammon concepts that are described to be of high level. As a matter of fact, the discussion of author Bill Robertie has been considered as the most effective discussion there is about professional backgammon.

"Advanced Backgammon: Vol. 2: Technical Play" contains about one hundred eight game sets which we believe will be appreciated by readers because all these game sets feature interesting positions.

All in all, these two volumes of "Advanced Backgammon" contain more than four hundred backgammon problems that discuss not only checker strategies but cube strategies as well.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are someone who is determined to get more inspired and to become better players, then it is about time to purchase "Advanced Backgammon: Vol. 2: Technical Play." And if you are very determined to enhance your backgammon skills, then we suggest that you read all the other books written by Bill Robertie.

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